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Product Description Wedding stage,mobile stage,used stage for sale with CE, TUV certification Guan
P4 outdoor waterproof full color led poster Parameter: 1,Screen resolution : 240*432 2,Module resolu
Achromatic Lens is an achromatic consists of a positive low-index Crown Glass lens element cemented
Plano-Convex Lens is widely use in optical display systems, projection optics systems, imagining opt
Meniscus Lens can increase the NA of the system while only adding slightly to the total spherical ab
The dome lens/hemisphere dome we manufactured be used to protect the lens of underwater camera,which
Spherical Ball Lenses are commonly used for laser collimating and focusing, laser-to-fiber coupling,
Cylindrical lens is used to correct astigmatism in the eye, and, in rangefinders, to produce astigma
The general tolerance specifications above provide a guideline regarding manufacturing capabilities
Corner Cube Retroreflector is always used to reflect the beam entering the prism face, regardless of
Filters are designed by their manufacturers to transmit or absorb different wavelengths of light. An
Waveplates (retardation plates or phase shifters) are made from materials which exhibit birefringenc
Beamsplitter Cube is a more sophisticated type consisting of two right- angle prisms cemented togeth
Mirror is a smooth,highly polished surface covered a thin coating.Mirror is usually a thin coating o
Windows are optical glass with ground and polished faces that are relatively parallel. They are use
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