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Guangzhou Xl Entertainment Technology Co;ltd.
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Guangzhou XL Entertainment Technology Co; one of the biggest and professional poker cheating device company in china.

Our company is mainly engaged in all kinds of poker cheating devices for manufacturing, distribution, and related service.Such as marked playing cards/
Texas Omaha poker analyzer/ perspective table/UV contact lenses/perspective glasses/remote control dice/poker exchange bag,casino/baccarat and blackjack devices.
poker analyzer china/poker scanner/cards cheat/invisible ink/marked cards playing cards china/poker cheat/texas hold'em cheat/omaha cheat/texas hold'em poker analyzer
omaha poker analyzer china/dice cheat and etc.

Now you will see a presentation for some of our hot sale products as following:

1. The best seller products -Poker Analyzer to report all the pokers to you,it just needs 0.1 seconds,
support for all poker games:Omaha,Texas Hold'em,Report cards one by one,Blackjack,Capado and etc.........

2. UV Contact lenses/perspective sunglasses with marked cards and invisible ink.It is the easiest poker cheating device for all poker players,especially for the new user

3.Marked domino/Rummy for uv contact lenses.Domino is widely used in North/South America.Except the poker games,the most of time they play the domino to bet.

4. Edge barcode marked cards work with poker scanner.

There are some marks on the side of the cards,it looks like normal cards,but when you use the cards to work with poker analyzer and infrared camera,
the machine will report the results for you only in 0.3 seconds.

5. Special perspective tables with integrated microcameras,you just put the cards on the table,and your partner will see the numbers clearly on the TV or
computer screen at another room.

6.Poker exchange bag/Ghost hand/poker exchange table to change the cards easily and others ccouldn't find the difference.

7.Remote control magnetic dices.It is easy to cheat in dice games.

8.IR Micro cameras hidden in chairs, ashtrays, lighter, mobile phone,watch,chiptray, belts, paintings,TV, poker tables,power bank,carkey and etc.
We could order the products according to your requirements.

9.Backside camera with backside marked cards.With a IR camera installed in everyday items, you can see the marked cards clearly on a screen.

10.Casino/Baccarat cheating device.We have the poker dealing shoe,bag camera for seeing 8 decks cards,also Iphone for reporting the normal cards and etc.

Any more details about the gambling cheating device,welcome here for free asking.

Od 21. grudnia 2008 roku, tłumaczone na język polski są opisy wyłącznie tych eksporterów, którzy posiadają członkostwo typu SPRAWDZONY lub PREMIUM.
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Osoba kontaktowa: Joanna Wang
Nazwa firmy: Guangzhou Xl Entertainment Technology Co;ltd.
Kraj: Chiny
Prowincja / Stan: Guangdong
Miasto: Guangzhou
Adres: China
Kod pocztowy: 510000
Telefon firmowy: 86-020-18819175382
Fax: 86-020-18819175382
Telefon komórkowy: 008618819175382
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