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Laizhou Haimeng Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.
O eksporterze

Laizhou Haimeng Salt Chemical Co., Ltd. with five million registered capital was formed in 2008. We are in Laizhou, Shandong province which is with nature's treasures, abundant resources, good industrial foundation and convenient transportation. The company committed to producing and sale kinds of salt and other chemical materials. Main products: Industrial salt, Solar salt, Deicing salt, Crystal salt, Granular salt, Washed salt, Refined salt, Feed salt, Sea crystal, Breeding salt, Large granule salt, Hot salt, and there are other chemical materials, such as Magnesium chloride, Magnesium sulfate, Calcium chloride, etc. The quality of products has acheived top-ranking level. The capacity is guaranteed and is deeply trusted and supported by the customers from home and abroad.
The company owns ten thousand ares salt pans. We have unique brine, natural conditions and special salt industry, so the salt is large, even, square, hard and bright. The company paid more than five million yuan to establish thirty-ares salt deep processing area and it majors in producing and selling Washed salt, Crystal salt, Granular salt, Deicing salt, Sea crystal, forage-grade sodium chloride and premix cattle and sheep's adding bricks. The company has complete and scientific quality management system and superior manufacturing facilities, standard laboratory, advanced apparatus and specialized trained testing person. The instruments are functioning to make the products get to the standard. The processing factory is fifty kilometers distant from Laizhou Port on the east and is twelve kilometers distant from Weihai - Wuhai Highway and Longkou - Dajiawa Railway. The capacity of Longkou Port and Qingdao Port is enough. Highway, railway and seaway are all convenient. The products can be sent to everywhere all over the world.

Od 21. grudnia 2008 roku, tłumaczone na język polski są opisy wyłącznie tych eksporterów, którzy posiadają członkostwo typu SPRAWDZONY lub PREMIUM.
Dane kontaktowe
Osoba kontaktowa: Jack Ren
Nazwa firmy: Laizhou Haimeng Salt Chemical Co., Ltd.
Kraj: Chiny
Prowincja / Stan: Shandong
Miasto: Yantai
Adres: 352 Longtan Road, Tushan Town, Laizhou City
Kod pocztowy: 264000
Telefon firmowy: 86-535-2331587
Fax: 86-535-2331587
Telefon komórkowy: 15854509968
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