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Jinan Chenghuishuangda Chemical Co.,ltd
O eksporterze

Jinan Chenghuishuangda Chemical Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company belongs to the chengchuang Pharmaceutical Group, was established in 2002, is specializing in the production of chemical intermediates, fine chemical products of high technology enterprises, high-end sweetening agent R & D and production and application of the international high-tech enterprises. The company successfully developed a groundbreaking new high-end feed sweetener neotame. This product with other sweeteners compared to a safer and more effective, environmental protection, and to obtain new feed additives of Agriculture issued in 2015 October approved. Company is issued by the Ministry of agriculture, the new feed additive certificate is five years the only legitimate neotame production and supply enterprises. +
Companies always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, excellence, the development of ideas, has passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO22000 and Halal etc., is a high-tech enterprise in Shandong Province, chemical raw materials in Shandong Province pilot Engineering Technology Research Center, Shandong Province function of small molecular peptide engineering technology research center. Adhering to the strict standard of pharmaceutical enterprises, science and technology, strict security, GMP one hundred thousand production workshop is the highest domestic industry standard. The company drafted the "standard" feed additive neotame, "one of the main units of the drafting of national standards" are food additives.
Adhere to the business philosophy of science and technology to serve the country, industrial agriculture, do a solid job of neotame as application and promotion of new high-end feed sweetening agent. Based in China and around the world, Jinan Yunjia Chemical Co., Ltd. may go hand in hand with the social from all walks of life, to work together to build the society of harmony, health, happiness, happiness and work hard.

Od 21. grudnia 2008 roku, tłumaczone na język polski są opisy wyłącznie tych eksporterów, którzy posiadają członkostwo typu SPRAWDZONY lub PREMIUM.
Dane kontaktowe
Osoba kontaktowa: Gao Aibing
Nazwa firmy: Jinan Chenghuishuangda Chemical Co.,ltd
Kraj: Chiny
Prowincja / Stan: Shandong
Miasto: Jinan
Adres: Kaituo Road2350
Kod pocztowy: 250101
Telefon firmowy: 86-0531-58897090
Fax: 86-0531-58897032
Telefon komórkowy: 15689693073
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