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This is Tina from china,our factory is the leading manufacturer of detox foot patch in china.
The Detox Foot Patch is a natural way to assist your body in the removal of heavy metals, metabolic wastes, toxins, microscopic parasites, mucous,
chemicals, cellulite and much more.When the blood circulates to the soles , the Takara Foot Patch sachet can absorb toxins released from these acupuncture points
It also could help assist the lymphatic system and the related blood network to help cleanse and revitalize the body to better health.
Now in the world,the detox foot patch phenomenon is growing in popularity throughout the region

Below you may see a presentation of our offer:

The ingredient of detox foot patch:
1, Lavender, "King of Herbs", elegant, gentle nature, it has the effect of calming, soothing, hypnotic and relieve tight mood.
It also have the effects to scar, oil-control, anti-inflammatory and repair.
2, Loquat leaf,to make your skin more moisturizing and prevent skin dryness.
3, lignans,the active ingredient in sap, has the effects of bactericidal, deodorant (anti-odor), detoxification.
4, liquid fat trees, the sap of cherry tree to help healing,it has the wonder effects to the organ .
5, vitamin C, to make your face more white and make you calm
6, perlite, containing raw material of glass, it has the good effects to our body fluids flow and absorption.
7, pure silicon, MI good, moisturizing, regeneration.
8, precious natural starch, beauty, sterilization, anti-inflammatory, detoxification.
9, tourmaline, take natural ore in Brazil, the release of negative ions and far infrared characteristics, improve blood circulation.

1.People who love beauty and want to be slim.
2.People who have health problem such as: astriction, halitosis, body odour, foot odour.
Semi-healthy people.
3.People who use computer for long time and have big working pressure.
4.People who stand or work for long time.
5.People who is suffering pain on neck, shoulder, waist etc.
6.People who feel pain and swelling on legs and feet.

Od 21. grudnia 2008 roku, tłumaczone na język polski są opisy wyłącznie tych eksporterów, którzy posiadają członkostwo typu SPRAWDZONY lub PREMIUM.
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