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Gigaa Technology Co., Ltd.
Gbox 15W Mini Surgical Diode Laser System SOFT TISSUE SURGERY LASER The new Gbox portable surgery
Veterinary Diode Laser Systems Gigaa Diode Laser Veterinarians are worth having GIGAA supplies CH
60W Gynecology Surgical Diode Laser The VELAS series from GIGAA LASER offer you a multiple choice
1. Cheese The creative product combined by IT and new laser technology, bring you a more precise tre
VELAS 60W Surgical Diode Laser System 1. Introduction Based on the high absorption for water and
Dental Laser- 7w and 10w dental diode laser-Tooth Whitening 1. Models: 7W DEN7A DEN7B 10W DEN10B
Versatile Medical Laser-1470nm Surgical Diode Laser For EVLT/ Vascular/ Lipolysis/ Gynaecology/ PLDD
Medical Laser for EVLT- Vascular-PLDD-Vaginal Rejuvenation- EVLT surgical diode laser 30w, 60w surg
Veterinary lasers (pet, small animals) Vet laser-soft tissue Vet surgeries-------15W 810nm/980nm
60W, 940nm diode laser - telangiectasia treatment (CE Marked) 1. Min order: One set 2. Certifica
VELAS 940 is a compact high power diode laser system specifi cally designed for the transdermal trea
15W/30W/60W Surgical Diode Laser Systems Velas laser system is widely used for orthopaedic surge