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Shandong Sartory Garments Co.,Ltd.
Szczegóły Oferty: Ubrania dla dzieci
Ubrania dla dzieci

Nazwa produktu: Ubrania dla dzieci
Dodano: 2009-02-04

Vatrad Group Co., Ltd. (Vatrad Group for short) is a large foreign trade enterprise specialized in the export of various kinds of garments . Vatrad Group's management covers the fields of Main Business of Export, Professional Production, Superior Quality production-related Services and the Development of Series Brands.

The Main Business of Export: The group holds an annual export volume valued at USD90 million. The group has set up an international marketing network that comprises more than one thousand clients in over 80 countries and regions. For the past consecutive years, the group ranked among the important places in China for the volume of garments exported to the West Europe.

we produce diverse range of sweaters from 1.5GG to 18GG with extensive materials of cotton, acrylic, nylon, wool, cashmere, rayon, angora and viscose. The crafts include embroidery, beading, printing, flocking and different dyeing methods. Their reputation has been widely recognized by an increasing number of clients in the world who own well-known brand names.

We have been standing together in the making of a brilliant Vatrad Group for the past decades and we have buffeted our way through the waves to fulfill Vatrad Group's system combination. Keeping pace with the times, Vatrad will meet her new hope.

We will take up her past glory, activate her traditional spirit and carry forward the core principle of “Quanlity is life” in making an even more more vigorous Vatrad Group. Since the development of the enterprise is to aim at benefiting the staff and whole society, so we all will share the pleasure and successful fruits from the growth of the enterprise.

Today, Vatrad Group is extending her cordial welcome with her open arms to all her friends from all over the world. With the joining-in of an increasing number of well-known export enterprises, the integration of production, the diversified investments, Vatrad Group is creating a new legend that tells how she is making a more brilliant future.

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