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Szczegóły Oferty: Brama (SPN, SIP/IAX2, PSTN, IAD100T)
Brama (SPN, SIP/IAX2, PSTN, IAD100T)

Nazwa produktu: Brama (SPN, SIP/IAX2, PSTN, IAD100T)
Dodano: 2007-12-21

Network Features
Support two models: Bridge and Router, integrate two ports router function.
Support basic NAT and NAPT.
Support PPPoE for xDSL, and support to dial numbers automatically while hanging up phone.
Support DHCP Client for WAN.
Support DHCP server for LAN.
Support DNS relay for LAN, can provide DNS service for LAN Network equipment
Use advanced DSP technology to insure high quality voice.
Use advanced jitter buffer tech to prevent the delaying and losing for info package.
Support Network Tools, including ping, race route, telnet client.
Support three modes to configure IP on the WAN port, they are: Static, DHCP, and PPPoE.
Provide the small LAN to control firewall.
Provide the small LAN with optional priority level.
Support Second Layer QoS (802.1) 1

Advanced Functions
It can register to two SIP server synchronously and a PSTN number, it has 2 VOIP number and 1 PSTN number, that means one phone has 3 numbers.
Call waiting, call transfer, 3 ways call, multiple call forward.
Switch freely between VOIP and PSTN.
Call in displays, call out bans; No-disturb setting, auto answer, auto dial while hanging up, quick dial.
Setting black namelist and limited number.
Support point-to-point call.
Setting the method for ending number.
Setting the method for the fixed call.
Support Silence Suppression, VAD(Voice Activity Detection).
Support CNG(Comfort Noise Generation).
Support Echo Cancellation and AGC(Automatic Gain Control).

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