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Szczegóły Oferty: Telefon internetowy na monety
Telefon internetowy na monety

Nazwa produktu: Telefon internetowy na monety
Numer modelu: TBPHONE-1000
Dodano: 2007-12-20

Support SIP(RFC3261, RFC3262, RFC3265)
Support IAX2 Protocol
Voice Codec: G. 711A/u, G. 729, G726, i LBC
G. 168 echo cancellation standard, compliant 96ms echo cancellation with speaker mode
Adjust the volume: Including the input and output of the handset and free- hand.
Jitter Buffer, VAD, SIP, Domain name register, point-to-point Call
SRV mode: Can auto-swap between main and backup server
Support the Inbound/Outbound transmission; SIP info, DTMF Relay, RFC2833
Many countries' standard ring
NAT transversal: Support STUN, CITRON, AVS Mode
Support SIP domain, SIP Authentication(none, basic, MD5), Domain Name parse
Support two SIP server synchronously, including Pubic Server/ Private server, can make a call by either proxy
Support redundancy public server, can auto swap to backup server when main server has problem.
Support SIP application, including SIP Call forward/transfer/holding/waiting.

Network Features:

Support two models: Bridge and Router, integrate two ports router function.
Support basic NAT and NAPT.
Support PPPoE for xDSL, and support off hook auto dial.
Support DHCP Client for WAN.
Support DHCP server for LAN.
Support DNS relay for LAN, can provide DNS service for LAN Network equipment
Use advanced DSP tech to insure high quality

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