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Kernel Medical
Szczegóły Oferty: PDT led bio light therapy red light wavelength therapy photo bio chemical action
PDT led bio light therapy red light wavelength therapy photo bio chemical action

Nazwa produktu: PDT led bio light therapy red light wavelength therapy photo bio chemical action
Numer modelu: KN-7000A
Pakowanie: CARTON BOX or Plywood Box
Minimalne zamównienie: 1 set
Dodano: 2018-06-08

Used For

inflammatory acne treatment, eliminate inflammation and promote skin wound healing, skin rejuvenation, wrinkle removing ...

Non-invasive operating, do not harm any skill cells, no side effect and no any special care needed after treatment.

Lighting: LED gene bio-luminescence


■ High energy output and more homogeneous illuminating SPOT;

■ High power surface mounted solid cold light source,
high efficient Photoelectric conversion; working more safely;

■ super high thermal conducting metallic; together with cooling system of aerodynamic designing, working reliably stand up to the environments of high temperature.

■ Multiple combination or mono-wavelength for selection, to adapt to effecting for different treatment purpose; widely used for facials beautifing, tissue rehabilitation and treatment;

■ Treatment Head extendable for different parts of the treatment area, realization of big size of radiation;

■ Treatment head connected to the swing arm via Military-Grade quick coupling devices, for the fixation and electrical wiring connection; enabling quick and easy change of treatment head;

■ Unrestrained free swinging cantilever arm design, ensuring the treatment head capable of stay at any angle and position securely.

■ Wheeled base frame with brakes;

■ Elegant, High-End Appearance Design with Patent.

■ simple operating without needing of training.

■ Initiative application of Dose Treatment Mode in the industrial, and time based mode, avoided the problem of decreased effects due to the attenuation of illumination.

■ automatic intensity metering and calibration function in industrial area; capable of assessing the situation of intensity attenuation of illumination and adjusted automatic, achieve the precision treatment of prescribed dosage;

■ Personalized case management function, independent setting up for operator for different treatment requirements, and easy operation and convenient manipulating.

■ Working in Continuous mode or in Pulse Mode as per required, 10 levels for adjustment of radiance, flexible for treatment ;

■ Agreeable music followed the completion of treatment;

■ Key Switch and Access code for dual protection;

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