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Szczegóły Oferty: Tuning Fork Density Meter
Tuning Fork Density Meter

Nazwa produktu: Tuning Fork Density Meter
Numer modelu: CJDMF-1-CR
Minimalne zamównienie: 1
Dodano: 2018-03-07

Tuning Fork Density Meter

Model: CJDMF-1-CR
Insert Tuning Fork Density Meter is a new product which is based on the principle of vibration. Product design using plug-in installation, is widely used in the pipeline, the medium density detection, container open, closed container in the product in the mud slurry, evaporator, solvent separation, oil measurement and other fields. The density of the fluid directly dependents on vibration frequency which tuning fork receives when sensor inserts into media. Sensor’s built-in temperature sensor provides temperature compensation

CJDMF-1-CR insertion density meter could apply the on-line density testing. It could be applied in the product process controlling based on the basic parameters of density, or the mass controlling system as the solid percentage or the concentration for references.

Plug in design, plug and play, and continuous online measurement
No moving parts, maintenance free, anti-corrosion design for specific conditions
Temperature compensation
Customize rod length
The environment is not sensitive to vibration, and the short rod type is suitable for high
pressure pipeline (maximum pressure 20Mpa)

Working Principle
The sensor is based on the principle of component vibration, and the component part is a part of tuning fork immersed in measured liquid. The tuning fork induces vibration by a piezoelectric device fixed at one end of bottom of the fork. The vibration frequency is detected by two piezoelectric devices fixed at the other end of the fork, and then signal is amplified through the top of the circuit. The liquid density is closely related to the vibration frequency of measured liquid when measured liquid is streaming. When the measured liquid density changes, the vibration frequency of it also changes when the measured liquid is streaming.The density of the measured liquid can be calculated accurately by equation.

Technical Parameters
Density Range 0.5 – 2.5 g /cc (500 – 2500 kg/m3)
Calibration Range 0.8 – 1.2 g /cc (800 – 1200 kg/m3)
Accuracy ± 0.002 g /cc (± 2 kg/m3)
Repeatability ± 0.0002 g /cc (± 0.2 kg/m3)
Temperature Range (Process) -50°C ~ +200°C
Pressure Rating 10MPa ~ 20MPa
Viscosity Range 0 – 20000 cP
Temperature Effect > 0.1 kg/m3/°C (adjusted)
Impact from Pressure none
Built-in Temperature Sensor PT100
Wetted Parts Stainless steel 316L Hastelloy alloy
Tine Finish Standard, PFA coated, or Electro-polished
Power supply 24VDC,≥50 mA
Outputs 4 -20 mA,0-1000Hz,RS485 Modbus RTU
Density accuracy - process(20°C) ± 0.1% or ± 0.05% FS of indicated figures
Repeatability - process(-40 ~ +85°C) ± 0.05% FS
Process connection ANSI 150 ~ 1500 RF
DIN 50 PN16 DIN 50 PN40
IDF and RJT hygienic type
Defensibility IP65
Outer Covering Aluminum alloy

Calculation of Fluid Measurement
V = Q / (1/4 *π*d2)
Eg: flow rate20m3/h,pipe diameter 100mm
V = 20 / 3600 / (1/4 * 3.14 * 0.1 * 0.1) = 0.7m/sec

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