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Szczegóły Oferty: Chemical Expansion Anchor Bolt
Chemical Expansion Anchor Bolt

Nazwa produktu: Chemical Expansion Anchor Bolt
Numer modelu: product size
Pakowanie: product Package
Dodano: 2018-02-23

Professional hardware fastener OEM manufacturing factory supply chemical expansion anchor bolt,expansion anchor bolt,sleeve expansion anchor bolt,drop in expansion anchor bolt,external force expansion anchor bolt,elevator expansion anchor bolt(wedge anchor bolt),high temperature and high pressure resistant bolt,corrosion resistant bolt,marine bolt,auto bolt,water nuclear wind power bolt,petrochemical bolt,industry and machinery bolt,architecture steel structure bolt

GB/T22795,JB/ZQ4757,JB/ZQ 4763,YJT/FY1100,YJT/FY1101,YJT /FY 1102,YJT/T1103,YJT/FY 1104,YJT/FY1099


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We can offer raw materials as stainless steel,high-speed tool steel,carbon tool steel,alloy tool steel,spring steel,bearing steel,carbon structural steel,quenched-tempered alloy structural steel,silicomanganese steel,manganese-vanadium steel,chromium-silicon steel,chromium-manganese steel, chromium-vanadium steel,chromium-manganese-titanium steel,chromium-molybdenum steel,chromium-manganese-molybdenum steel,chromium-manganese-vanadium steel,nickel-chromium steel,nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel,boron steel,industrial pure aluminum,antirust aluminum,duralumin,superduralumin,forging aluminium,casting aluminium alloy,red copper(pure copper),copper alloy,cupronickel(Ni-Cu alloy),brass(Zn-Cu alloy),bronze(Sn-Cu alloy).



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We can customize our products according to the mechanical properties standards of different countries,such as China-GB/YB3098,Japanese-JIS1051,Russia-1759,Europe-En20898,Internation-ISO898.1,the United Kingdom-BS EN 28839, Germany-W-Nr/DIN267,Italy-UNI EN 20898,France-NF E25-100,America-ASTM/AISI A193/SAE J429.



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We offer surface treatment such as black oxide, phosphatizing, zinc plating, hot-dipping zinc, chrome plating, nickel plating,copper plating, Dacromet,Geomet, Doken, Magni, Nylon patch.



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Our productive facilities have cold stamping machine,hydraulic pressing machine,ton friction pressing machine,punching machine,thread twisting machine,thread rolling machine,thread tapping machine,medium frequency furnace,heat treatment mesh belt furnace,steel wire drawing machine,steel extension machine,steel-bar straightening machine,computerized numerical control-CNC processing center,turning machine,milling machine,facing machine,centerless grinding machine,sand mixing machine,shakeout machine,shot-blasting machine,core making machine,molding machine,casting machine and so on.



Our productive testing instruments have tensile testing machine,axial force tester,hardness separator,hardness tester,microscope, metallographic analyzer,spectral material analyzer,magnetic flaw detector,salt-spray tester and so on.




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Our products are widely used in various industrial fields,such as the petrochemical industry,high building,stadium,hydropower & nuclear power station,wind power,railways,underground,tunnels,airports,mining machinery,construction machinery,shipbuilding.Our business spreads all over the world,find a good sale in a dozen of countries and regions with high identification and mutual trust,such as Europe, America,Australia,Southeast Asia,Central Asia,Middle East.



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