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Huatao Lover Nonwoven Fabric Company
Szczegóły Oferty: SMS composite nonwoven fabric
SMS composite nonwoven fabric

Nazwa produktu: SMS composite nonwoven fabric
Numer modelu: HUATAO007
Pakowanie: Export Standard Packing,according to customer`s request
Minimalne zamównienie: 1ton
Dodano: 2017-12-01

SMS composite nonwoven fabric
SMMS - (spunbond/meltblown/meltblown/spunbond) is non-woven fabric manufactured by the combination of spunbond (S) and meltblown (M) technologies from polypropylene. The basic qualities of this type of non-woven fabric include barrier qualities that are used to prevent liquid leakage or to separate very fine solid particles. This type of non-woven fabric is used in a wide number of applications from the production of medical products, hygienic products (baby nappies, products of ladies hygiene, incontinency nappies and towels), protective clothes to building industry or filtration.
i) Medical
Surgical Gown; Face Mask; Surgical caps; Surgical scrub suits; Shrouds; Isolation gowns; Procedure packs; Cold/Heat packs;Incubator mattress; Drug delivery;
ii) Hygiene
Baby Diapers; Feminine Hygiene Products; Incontinence Products
iii) Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)
Disposable Coverall;
iv) Bedding/Funiture
Disposable table cover;
v) Building industry
vi) Filtration
ASAR (Antistatic &Alcohol Repellent)
--A kind of finishing treatment processing of SMMS non-woven, make the SMMS non-woven possibly Antistatic & Alcohol Repellent. Also repellent the blood.
Alcohol repellent: 10 grade (That means it could barrier 100% Alcohol)
 Anti-static(108-1012 )
Max width 3.2m
Gsm: 15gsm-120gsm
Color:white, blue, light blue,deep blue,grey etc
Standards,EN 13795,EN1149,EN868-2,ENISO 11607-1,EN14325:2004,EN ISO 6530:2005,TYPE6,AATCC 42-2007 and AATCC 127-2008,AAMI 2 LEVEL,AAMI 3 LEVEL AAMI 4 LEVEL,ANSI/AAMIPB70:2003 ISO22612,ISO22610,EN ISO 11731,ISO9073,EN20811,EN29073,ISO 13938。

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