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Huatao Lover Nonwoven Fabric Company
Szczegóły Oferty: meltblown nonwoven fabric
meltblown nonwoven fabric

Nazwa produktu: meltblown nonwoven fabric
Numer modelu: HUATAO006
Pakowanie: Export Standard Packing,according to customer`s request
Minimalne zamównienie: 1ton
Dodano: 2017-12-01

Meltblown nonwoven fabric
process: polymer feeding --- melt extrusion --- fiber formation --- fiber cooling --- into the net --- reinforced into cloth

Composition: 100%Polypropylene
width :1600mm&2400mm
weight :12gsm-200gsm
Package: PE Film
Treatment:anti-static ant-Alcohol
High isolation;Breathable;Soft hand feeling
i) Filtration media
This market segment continues to be the largest single application. The best known application is the surgical face mask filter media. The applications include both liquid filtration and gaseous filtration. Some of them are found in cartridge filters, clean room filters and others.
ii) Medical fabrics
The second largest MB market is in medical/surgical applications. The major segments are disposable gown and drape market and sterilization wrap segment.
ii) Sanitary products
MB products are used in three types of sanitary protection products - feminine sanitary napkin, Spunbond-MB diaper top sheet, and disposable adult incontinence absorbent products.
iv) Oil adsorbents
MB materials in variety of physical forms are designed to pick up oily materials. The best known application is the use of sorbents to pick up oil from the surface of water, such as encountered in an accidental oil spill and for mats in machine shops and in industrial plants.
v) Apparel
The apparel applications of melt-blown products fall into three market segments: thermal insulation, disposable industrial apparel and substrate for synthetic leather. The thermal insulation applications takes advantage of microvoids in the structure filled with quiescent air, resulting in excellent thermal insulation.
vi) Electronic specialties
Two major applications exist in the electronics specialties market for melt blown webs. One is as the liner fabric in computer floppy disks and the other as battery separators and as insulation in capacitors.

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