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Szczegóły Oferty: Expansion Joint
Expansion Joint

Nazwa produktu: Expansion Joint
Numer modelu: 9
Dodano: 2017-10-12

GQF bridge expansion joint consists of a rubber seal, shaped steel beams, anchor components, applicable to various bridges whose pavement thickness is equal to or greater than 80mm, and the expansion amount is less than or equal to 80mm. Two kinds of materials of rubber seal are chloroprene rubber (CR) and natural rubber (NR), and the former is suitable for the area with temperature from ﹣25 ℃ to ﹢60 ℃; while the latter is suitable for the area with temperature from ﹣40 ℃ to ﹢60 ℃.
Applicable to heavy traffic roads, urban bridges, elevated roads and interchange works
i.Boundary beam is made of 16Mn steel.
Rubber seal is made of neoprene rubber or EPDM rubber, having good anti-aging and anti-flexing performance.

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