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Szczegóły Oferty: Circular Vibrating Screen
Circular Vibrating Screen

Nazwa produktu: Circular Vibrating Screen
Minimalne zamównienie: 1
Dodano: 2017-03-22

Machine profile:
The exciting force of the SJ-YA serial Circular Vibrating Screens in the whole
process of vibration is handled by an unbalanced eccentric shaft and its additional
eccentric block rotation together. Due to its design, it makes up for the shortage of
exciting force generated by single shaft vibration and by single block vibration. Its
vibration direction is similar to a circular motion curve. The screen surface is tilted 20
degree, and it is good for screening larger stones, and achieves an effective utilization
of electric power. It is both practical and economic.
Machine features:
1.Smooth operation: the vibrator combines the eccentric shaft with eccentric block. It
has good vibration effect and works well;
2. Low energy consumption: compared with the linear vibrating screen, the vibrating
screen surface is tilted 20 degree, and under the gravitation, the power consumption is
3.Easy adjustment: adjust the vibration frequency and amplitude of the vibrating
screen, vibration frequency and screen angle according to the actual situation of
customers’ production line;
4. Screen frame is rigid, strong and durable: connections among side plate of screen
box, beam, stiffeningbeam (boards) are all by high strength bolts and ring groove
5. Specialized production and quality assurance: adopt advanced production process
for manufacturing, the vibrator is assembled under heat or coldness. Parts made and
assembled with high accuracy. The bearings used has a long service life with low
failure rate.
Suitable material: used for dealing with hard rock, such as iron ore, copper ore,
basalt, marble, white granite, limestone.
SJ-YA serial Circular Vibrating Screens are widely used in mine, coal, electric
power, smelting industry, construction, used for classifying bulk material, such as
sand, mine powder, coal.

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