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Anhui Prestolite Chemical Pump Co.,ltd
Szczegóły Oferty: Min Magnet Pump
Min Magnet Pump

Nazwa produktu: Min Magnet Pump
Numer modelu: CQB50-32-125FD
Pakowanie: standard export carton.
Minimalne zamównienie: 2 set
Dodano: 2016-10-23

CQB Series Fluorine Plastic Magnet driven pump .
It is the application of modern magnetic theory which use of permanent magnets to achieve non-contact indirect transmission of a chemical process pump . When the external rotor motor drive (that is, outside the magnet) assembly rotates through the magnetic field through the magnetic line of force within the rotor drive isolation kit (that is, inside the magnet) synchronous rotating assembly and the impeller, closed in the static dielectric isolation kit so that no leakage of the purpose of pumping medium,Solve the mechanical transmission pump seal leakage, is sealed, no leaks, a new type of non-polluting industrial pumps. CQB Series magnetic chemical process pump is to prevent running, run, drip, drain phenomenon, the elimination of environmental pollution, and create "no-leak Workshop", "no leak factory", the realization of security, the ideal of civilized production pump.
★ Application Field :
This product is widely used in petrochemical, acid alkali, non-ferrous metal smelting, automotive manufacturing process of pickling, rare earth separation, pesticides, dyes, medicine, paper-making, electroplating, radio and other industries.
Model No: CQB50-32-125FD
Q:12.5 m3/h
H: 20 m
N: 1.5 KW

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