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Wuhan Gigaa Technology Laser Inc
Szczegóły Oferty: 532nm/810NM/ 940nm Telangiectasia Laser
532nm/810NM/ 940nm Telangiectasia Laser

Nazwa produktu: 532nm/810NM/ 940nm Telangiectasia Laser
Numer modelu: VELAS30C
Pakowanie: Portable case
Minimalne zamównienie: 5
Dodano: 2015-12-23

After a great success in out VELAS810/980nm diode laser system, we are proudly developed the new generation 1470nm diode laser system.
To learn the 1470nm wavelength corresponds to a peak of water absorption, we have found another solution for our patients who suffer from the varicose veins.
It is the intracellular water of the vein wall and water content of blood that offer the opportunity for the 1470nm laser energy and therefore a better application to treat the varicose veins.
So we feel privileged to introduce our new generation diode laser system, VELAS15D, to offer you a total new experience for this innovative technology. With our full accessories kit, VELAS15D offer you a opptimum treatment solution in great saphenous vein, smallsaphenous vein, perforating vein as well as the demotology disease.
The VELAS15D minimize any post-operative pain and bruising, due to a 40 times or greater absorption coefficient in water compared with 810nm or980nm laser targeting hemoglobin, the patients could recover quickly from the treatment to daily work.
With other kind of accessories, the VELAS15D could offer an ideal application in ENT, PLDD, Proctology, Gynaecology, Transcutaneous treatment, Dermatology and General surgery.
Main Clinic Applications
Endovenous Laser Treatment(EVLT)
. Great saphenous vein
. Small saphenous Vein
. Perforating Vein
. Vascular lesions:
Spider vein
Leg vein
Port wine stains
. Pigmented lesion:
Age spots
Other Applications
. Proctology
. Transcutaneous Treatment
. Gynaecology
. General Surgery

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