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Wuhan Gigaa Tech Laser Inc
Szczegóły Oferty: VELAS Lipolysis laser system
VELAS Lipolysis laser system

Nazwa produktu: VELAS Lipolysis laser system
Numer modelu: VELAS30B
Dodano: 2015-02-23

Laser lipolysis is the latest technology in fat reduction,which uses laser to dissolve fat, the cell membranes are broken up during this process. The thin fat lysate is released and it is either resorbed naturally or extracted manually by suction.The compatible operation kits for lipolysis by GIGAA LASER will provide a wide range of applications in body and a total new experience for patients.

PLDD(Percutaneous Laser Dsic Decompression)
Percutaneous laser disc decompression is the use of laser thermal effect and prominent vertebral Vaporization of disc nucleus and form part of the space, reducing the pressure
inside the disc, eliminating the oppression of the nerve, which achieve the purpose of treatment. The therapeutic method of the laser treatment for PLDD.

ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat)
· Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
· Turbinectomy
· Nasal polypectomy
· Tonsillectomy
· Glossectomy
· Endo sinus surgery
· Stapedectomy

· Internal decontamination
· General surgery (cutting)
· Therapy
· Tooth whitening
· Surfaces of teeth
· Internal gingivectomy

Phlebology/Endovenous Laser Treatment
· Great saphenous vein
· Small saphenous vein
· Perforating vein

Main Advantages
* Based on the experienced R.D, administration team, Gigaalaser Focuses on the medical diode laser system and accessories for application in a wide range of medical specialties. * Using the perfect Chinese resource industry, we provide the high quality and the cost effective new type medical laser systems to the clients all over the world.
* New friendly used protocol
* Big color touch screen
* Output power calibration at the end of fibers
* Highly integrated and modular design
* New design inside to make maintenance easy and low cost
* High quality and reliability

Technical Parameters:
. Wavelength: 810/940/980/1470nm
. Laser output power: 15/30/60w
. Output modes: CW, Single or Repeat Pulse
. Pulse Duration: 10us-3s/10ms-3s
. Transmission System: Fibers of 200um, 400um and 600um with SMA 905 connector(200um only could be used on VELAS15B)
. Aiming Beam: Red Diode Laser of 635nm, power less than 5mW
. Control mode: true color touch screen
. Vlotage/Current rating: 110V/220VAC, 5A, 50/60Hz or 110VAC/5A, 220VAC/10A, 50/60Hz
. Dimensions: 400(W)X385(L)X200(H)mm
. Weigth: 12.9Kg/13.4Kg

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