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Gigaa Therapy Laser
Szczegóły Oferty: leg laser lipolysis equipment
leg laser lipolysis equipment

Nazwa produktu: leg laser lipolysis equipment
Dodano: 2015-01-09

leg laser lipolysis equipment

gigaa liposuction laser
velas 15w 1210nm
velas30w 980nm
full accessories
CE marked
gigaa liposuction laser
Velas Laser System is newly developed diode laser for medical application specially designed for removing excess fat. We inset the probe, 600um of optic fiber that conducts the laser's energy by means of a very thin cannula of 1mm diameter and we sweep the whole area with the probe to dissolve the body fat.
Multi-diode 980nm Laser, optimal wavelength for the LIPOLYSIS. This greater specificity requires less laser power, which implies less heat diffusion in surrounding tissue and no undesirable side effects.
Laser emission can be considered as minimal thermal.

Applicable Department
• Hips, things and spare tyres

• Abdomen and waist

• Knees, calves, and ankles

• Groins and sides

• Arms

• Face modelling: cheeks, double chin and jaw line

• Gynecomastia, or abnormally large breasts in men.

Main Advantages
• Minimally invasive laser surgery

• minimal bleeding or bruising. no loosening or hanging skin

• Majority of individuals can return to work in 1 to 2 days (longer if more body areas are treated)

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