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Szczegóły Oferty: New Nasal Polypectomy Laser (G-BOX)
New Nasal Polypectomy Laser (G-BOX)

Nazwa produktu: New Nasal Polypectomy Laser (G-BOX)
Numer modelu: GBOX15AB
Pakowanie: Portable case
Minimalne zamównienie: 5
Dodano: 2014-12-29

Gbox 15W Mini Surgical Diode Laser System
The new Gbox portable surgery diode laser system from GIGAA is the best value on the market today. Small size body case with 15W power, this mini surgery laser system has a wavelength of 810nm & 980nm for choice; It can be used in the continuous as well as pulsed mode with a contact or non contact handpiece.

With different kinds accessories, such as flexile fiber, handpeices with various shapes and lengths, micro-endoscope etc, the versatile system to extend and develop many clinical applications. Now we have involved in dentistry, endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), ENT, PLDD, liposuction, veterinary and so on. Our laser systems have approved CE mark and ISO13485, so we can provide the best product with our best service for every customer.

According to the new statistics, medical diode laser systems in recent years are maintaining a high-speed growth. With the development of living standard of the people, it will replace the traditional treatment soon and we will meet a strong market.

Main Clinic Applications
EVLT(Endovenous laser treatment)
PLDD(Percutaneous Laser Dsic Decompression)
Neuro surgery
General surgery
Lipolysis (Laser fat burning )

New friendly used protocol
Big color touch screen
Output power calibration at the end of fibers
Preprogrammed and customizable parameters
Compact & lightweight, easy to transport
Quick connector battery box
Highly integrated and modular design
New design inside to make maintenance easy and low cost
High quality and reliability

Technical Specifications
Laser Type GaAlAs Diode Laser
Model Gbox15A/B
Wavelength 810nm/980nm
Maximum Power 15W
Operation Mode CW, Single Or Repeat Pulse
Pulse Duration 10us-3s
Repetition Rate 0.2Hz-20kHz
Transmission System Fibers Of 200um, 400um And 600um With SMA905 Connector
Pilot Beam Red Diode Laser Of 635nm, Power

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