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Szczegóły Oferty: Corona Reisistance Polyimide Film (Kapton CR)
Corona Reisistance Polyimide Film (Kapton CR)

Nazwa produktu: Corona Reisistance Polyimide Film (Kapton CR)
Numer modelu: CRPI
Pakowanie: cartons & Palleted
Minimalne zamównienie: 50kgs
Dodano: 2012-04-09

Standard number: 2006 GB/T13542.6-2006
Application range: The polyimide film is to be produced by cast method, which has High temperature resistance, resistance to radiation and excellent dielectric properties, applicable to electrical insulating of the class H electric motor and other electrical equipments , and other use electrical insulating materials.

A. Technical requirements

1. Appearance: Film surface is bright and clean, not due, tear, particle, bubbles,
Pinhole and foreign material defects ;Edge is tidy, without damage; Films supply in rolls.
2. Size
2.1. Thickness and allowable deviation:
The standard thickness(um) 12.5 25 40 50 75 100 125 175 200
The allowable deviation(um) +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5
-1 -1 -2 -2 -3 -3 -4 -5 -5
Note: Supplying according to customer request with thickness 12.5-22.5 um, allowable deviation can be negotiated by both sides.
2.2. Width: no less than 250 mm, deviation +/-1.6mm. According to the needs of the users, tape can be cut with different specifications.
2.3. Length: Supplying according to the requirement of customer.
2.4. Performance requirements
Serial number Index name Unit Index
25um 40um 50um 75um 100um
1 density Kg/m³ 1425±10
2 tensile strength horizontally Mpa ≥165
3 elongations horizontally and vertically % ≥40 ≥50
4 shrinkage rate horizontally
and vertically 150℃ 400℃ % ≤0.35 ≤2.5
5 industrial frequency electric strength
48H2~62H2 v/um ≥240 ≥200 ≥180 ≥160
6 surface resistance,200℃ Ω ≥1.0X1014
7 Volume resistance,200℃ Ω.M ≥1.0X1010
8 Relative permittivity
48~62Hz - 3.5±0.4
9 dielectric power factor
48~62Hz - ≤4.0X103
10 long-term heat resistance temperature index - ≥180

B. Packaging, Marks, Storage and Transport
1. Film should be wrapped in a tube on core and supply in rolls; Each volume in a plastic bag packing and seal, placing in dry and clean case
2. Each box packaging should specify model or type, product name, specification, batch number, gross weight, net weight, manufacturing date, manufacture’s name, and product test report. At the same time, marked "Moisture proof" "Prevent Impact" and other words in packing body.
3.Film should be stored in a dry and clean indoor, from the date of original shipment, shelf life for two years, more than storage life according to the standard check again, qualified can still use.
4. In storage and transport process, should avoid damp and mechanical damage.

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