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Szczegóły Oferty: Chemical Protective Suits
Chemical Protective Suits

Nazwa produktu: Chemical Protective Suits
Dodano: 2012-03-31

Product Inspection Standard: 2000 Amendments to SOLAS 1974 of IMO, the International Code for Fire Safety Systems.

1. Main purpose and application
The anti-biochemical clothes are one kind of fireman’s protective clothes. It is used as protection when the fireman comes into contact with harmful chemicals or corrosive goods in the event of a fire or an accident.
2. Standard
In accordance with standard of the Police Department and the manufacture’s industry standard.
3. Type and main technical reference
RFH-01 Light type Chemical Protective Suits
RFH-02 Heavy type Chemical Protective Suits (including air respirator)
Main property of rubberized fabric:
Ø Thickness of rubberized fabric: 0.45+ 0.05mm
Ø Tensile strength: no less than 450N/5cm width for warp and waft.
Ø Tear strength: no less than 32N
Ø Property of anti-permeability of acid: it does not permeate under 10mm liquid pillar of 80% H2SO4, 60%HNO3 and 30% HCl for 1hour
Ø Property of anti-permeability of alkali: not permeable under 10mm liquid pillar of 6.1mol/L NaOH for 1hour.
Ø Property of benzene resisting: No cracks formed, not sticky after immersing in 120# petrol for 30s.
Ø Property of inflammation-prevention:
Continued-burn time: no longer than 2s
Inflammation-prevention time: no longer than 10s
Damage length: no longer than 10cm and no melting drops.
Ø Property of anti-heat and anti-aging; 125℃×24h, neither fragile nor sticky
Ø Property of anti-cold: -25℃×5min, No cracks formed after 180°folding
Ø The adhesion of rubberized fabric and textile: no less than 780N/m
Ø Property of stab-protection of bottom boots: no less than 780N
Ø Property of power-isolated of bottom boots: no less than 5000V
Ø Property of anti-water of boots: No permeable after immersing in water for 2 hours
Ø Property of anti-permeable of anti-chemical clothes; there is no permeating after scouring 15mins by 5 pieces of 3L/min water nozzle
Ø Weight of whole clothes: no more than 5kg
Clothes size S M L XL
Length of clothes (from collar to bottom of shoes)(cm) 160 166 171 177
Width of chest(cm) 55 56 57 58
Waistline(cm) 115 122 125 126
Shoes size (cm) 25 26 27 27
Applied height (cm) 165~170 170~175 175~180 180~185

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