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Szczegóły Oferty: Colin Adult Finger Clip Sensor RSDS012
Colin Adult Finger Clip Sensor RSDS012

Nazwa produktu: Colin Adult Finger Clip Sensor RSDS012
Numer modelu: product size
Pakowanie: Bag
Minimalne zamównienie: 1
Dodano: 2012-04-01

Name:ETCO2+SPO2 Patient Monitor 3.5 Inch
Item no:RSD2001A
RSD2001A is a Portable Patient Monitor that has abundant monitoring functions and is used for the clinical monitoring of adult, pediatric and neonate. In addition, the user may select the different parameter configuration according to different requirements.
RSD2001A (standard)can monitor vital signals correlating to SpO2 and CO2. It integrates parameter measuring modules and display in one device, featuring in compactness, lightweight and portability. Replaceable built-in battery facilitates transportation of patient. The LCD of high resolution and bright LED display provides clear view of 2 waveforms,SPO2,PR,EtCO2,InCO2,Respiration rate.
2 Waveforms
2 indicator lights
2 Sound Mode corresponding Alarm Mode
1 dot matrix LCD size: 3.5", resolution: 256X120
5 digital LED windows
Method Infra-red Absorption Technique
Measuring mode Sidestream
Side-stream mode sampling gas flow rate
100, 150, 200 ml/Min (option)
Measuring range
CO2 0~99 mmHg
INSCO2 0-99 mmHg
AwRR 0~150 rpm
CO2 1 mmHg
INSCO2 1mmHg
AwRR 1 rpm
2 mmHg,0 ~ 40 mmHg
5% of reading,41 ~ 76 mmHg
10% of reading, 77 ~ 99 mmHg
AwRR 2 rpm
Actualization interval about 1 Sec.
Start-up Time: < 10 sec
Rise Time: 240 msec (10% to 90 %)
Delay Time: 1.12 seconds maximum with 7| length, 0.055|| ID.
Sampling line at 175 ml/min
Alarm range
CO20 ~ 99 mmHg
InsCO2 0 ~ 99 mmHg
AwRR 0 ~ 150 rpm
Suffocation Alarm Delay
AwRR 10 ~ 40 Sec

Measuring Range 0 ~ 100 %
Alarm Range 0 ~ 100 %
Resolution 1 %
Accuracy 70% ~ 100% 2 %
0% ~ 69% unspecified
Actualization interval about 1Sec
Alarm Delay 10 Sec.
Pulse Rate
Measuring and Alarm Range
Resolution 1bpm
Accuracy 2bpm
Alarm Delay 10 Sec.

Trend Recall
8 to 96hours all parameters result.
NIBP Measurement Recall
50 NIBP measurement data.

Signal Interface
Amplitude 1 V/mV
Accuracy < 5 %
Impedance 50
Signal Delay < 20 mS

Rechargeable 4.0 A/Hr 8.4V Li-ion battery
Operating time under the normal use and full charge greater than 4 hours
Operating time after the first alarm of low battery will be about 5 minutes
Maximum charging time is 4 hours
Working 0 ~ 40 degrees
Transport and Storage -20 ~ 60 degrees
Working 30% - 85 %
Transport and Storage 30% - 93 %(no coagulate)
Working -500 to 4,600m
Transport and Storage -500 to 13,100m

Power Supply
100/250 VAC, 50/60 Hz (for adapter)
Working Less than 3W
Power-off Less than 0.1W
Size and Weight
Size 318 x 152 x 264 mm
Weight 5.5 kg
Model number: RSD 2001A SPO2+ETCO2
1 main unit
1 SPO2 cable
10 ETCO2 tube
1 user manual
Model number: RSD 2001B SPO2+NIBP
Model number: RSD 2001C ETCO2
Model number: RSD 2001D SPO2
Model number: RSD 2001E SPO2+NIBP+ETCO2
Ultrasound scanner, Multi parameter patient monitor , ECG/EKG, Video colposcope, Pulse oximeter, Fetal/maternal monitor , Fetal doppler ,Ultrasonic cleanerAccessories:Patient monitor cable and leadwires ,Spo2 sensor and adapter cable ( extension cable) ,Electrocardiograph cable and leadwires ,ECG electrodes ,NIBP cuff with tubes ,Invasive blood-pressure sensor and ext-cable (IBP cable) ,ECG HOLTER cable and leadwires ,Temperature probe

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