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Suzhou Brightech
Szczegóły Oferty: UHT Ultra-High Temperature Instantaneous Sterilization Machine
UHT Ultra-High Temperature Instantaneous Sterilization Machine

Nazwa produktu: UHT Ultra-High Temperature Instantaneous Sterilization Machine
Dodano: 2015-05-12

Pipe sterilizer can take hot process on the liquid foods and beverage.
Compared to the sterilizer of othermodel, it has the following characteristics:
High heat effect, 90%of the heat can berecycled after heating the material.
Temperature gap between the medium andthe material is small, so to reliaze gentally heating; the heating pipe adoptswave pipe the material and the medium are both in flow condition, with highheat exchange, little scaling, so to improve the sterilizer continuous workingtime.
It is of high automatic degree, canautomatically control and record from CIP cleaning to pipe sterilizing tosterilizing the material.
It is of precise and reliablesterilizing temperature control: automatically control the affectingsterilizing temperature system such as steam pressure, flow, and material flow.
The inside of the material pipe adoptsadvanced polish technology, pipe joints automatically, pipe design realizecomplete automatically clean, and the whole process sterilizes, so to ensurethe system asepsis.
It is of strong system safty, thefillings all adopts relable product with good capaxity, the design values thehuman, safe equipment, and the steam, hot water and the material all adoptspressure protection methods and alarm system.
It is of high reliability system. Themain fillings such as material pump, hor water pump, valves, electric elementsof controlling system, and the executive elements are all world famous. Pipe pasteurizerand yoghourt special sterilizer can be designed to order. The pipe UHTsterilizer of our company is to filling the asepsis package only. It fits tovarious asepsis package, such as: asepsis paper package, asepsis plastic thinfilm package, asepsis PET bottle package, especially fit to the production ofliquid milk.

Processingcapacity: 1000L/h, 2000L/h, 5000L/h
Material: SS304

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