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Szczegóły Oferty: Uszczelk spiralne
Uszczelk spiralne

Nazwa produktu: Uszczelk spiralne
Numer modelu: GOT
Dodano: 2008-11-21

Description: GOT-400 Spiral Wound Gasket is accumulated, hovered and wound, and spot welded beginning and end terminal by V-shaped or W-shaped stainless steel and non metal filler, which has good compression elasticity, and is suitable for the sealing parts with temperature and pressure altering violently. It is a static sealing parts used for such flange connecting joints as pipeline, valve, bump, heat exchanger, tower, manhole, and hand hole, etc. It is widely applied in departments as petrochemical, mechanical, electric power, metallurgy, boat building, medical, atomic energy, and aerospace, etc.

Product standard:
We can produce according to standards as ANSI B 16.20,MSS SP-44,API 605,DIN,JIS,JPI,BS 1560,JG/T,GB/T,HG,SH, etc. Or the demands can be designated in detail by clients. E.g. the gasket used for heat exchanger and with ribs, please provide the detailed drawings.

Gasket type:

Product name
Suitable for
Expression example

Basic type metal spiral wound gasket
400 A
Tenon slot surface

Metal spiral wound gasket with inner ring
400 B
Male-and-female face
304 304/FG

Metal spiral wound gasket with outer ring
400 C
Convex surface
304/ASB CS

Metal spiral wound gasket with inner and outer ring
400 D
304 304/FG CS

Metal spiral wound gasket with heat exchanger
400 T
Heat exchanger
304/FG with one rib

Special-shaped metal spiral wound gasket
400 S

If the gasket is used for heat exchanger, generally we recommend the one with φ3.2mm stainless steel inner ring.
The narrow-band form is divided into sticking type and covering type
Selectable material:

Steel belt and the inner and outer ring profile Filler General thickness mm
Name Code Name Code Appropriate Temperature ℃ V-shape Gasket / Ring W-shape Gasket / Ring
Carbon steel CS Asbestos ASB 500 3.2/2.0

4.5/3.0 4.8/3.0
Stainless steel 304(L),316(L) Graphite FG


Ni, Ti Ni,Ti Mica

Inconel INC Ceramic

Hastelloy, Zr HAST,ZIRC Non-asbestos

Generally the material of the inner ring is steel belt, to satisfy the medium and the working condition demands,
The outer ring material is the same as the pipe and the related equipment shell, the carbon steel outer ring is relatively economic.
The detailed order should indicate the detailed material, the used standard, the inside exhaust pipe nominal diameter DN, the pressure grade PN, or indicate the detailed size:
D1:inner diameter of the inner ring;D2: outer diameter of the inner ring;
D3:inner diameter of the outer ring;D4: outer diameter of the outer ring
Writing methods:D1×D2×D3×D4
The default thickness of the gasket is 4.5mm,and the ring 3mm

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